Hellmut Gohde Training+Consulting International

Our passion: Expert advice for European Works Councils

European Works Councils (EWCs) are the voice of employees in multinational companies. Their role is to be informed and consulted by management on the progress of the business and on transnational measures affecting the employees.

Our mission is to put this great idea into practice. Together with our customers who are employee representatives from companies all over Europe.

We support employees in setting up their EWCs and growing them them into a body to be heard and acknowledged by management. We love to advice, train and coach EWC members. Based on more than thirty years of experience in the field we know which way the wind blows. Whether on European legislation, effective communication or best practice models, we guide EWCs towards the maximum possible result in the social dialogue with the company. We will also be there when business change and restructuring are ahead causing uncertainties among the employees on potential redundancies and job losses.

Though German-based we are fascinated by the diversity of our clients and promote cross-cultural cohesion. We help building strong European teams. Our goal is to make  European social dialogue meaningful. Are we independent? Yes, we are! Are we impartial? No, we are not! We do work for employee representatives only but are mindful that the relationship with management matters and often sets the scene for long-standing success. 

We are delighted and obliged by the recognition and appreciation received by our customers over the years. We also feel honoured to be considered by many of them as part as of their European team.