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About Us

Hellmut Gohde has served as a pioneer for European Works Councils from the very early days. Together with his team he advises and trains employee representatives in all European countries. With his work he contributes to the transnational involvement of employees in the times of globalization. EWCs across all industries trust his experience and have chosen TCi as their expert. Our customers include corporations such as British Airways, Triumph, Lufthansa, Pernod-Ricard, Deutsche Telekom, TUI, Oracle or DHL.

TCI is an independent provider of advice and training for employee representatives in multinational companies. Our customers benefit from a considerable network of highly motivated trainers and consultants including lawyers, business economists, communication experts and scientists at home and abroad.

Hellmut Gohde and TCi participate in the discussion about European Social Dialogue through research projects, lectures and publications at conferences, in magazines and academic literature. On various occasions we delivered  expert opinions to the European Union on employee related matters and legislation. Equally, we develop training materials for employee representatives.

When it comes to meetings with company management, we assist the EWC members. Based on our experience, we know which objectives may be achieved and when compromise is required. We endeavor to have a critical and constructive dialogue with company management by recognizing each other’s roles and responsibilities.

TCI founder Hellmut Gohde looks back on thirty years of experience as a consultant to EWCs. After working at universities and in development aid, he became engaged in the establishment of the first EWCs in the early-1990s as the responsible officer at the European Trade Union Academy (ETUCO / ETUI) in Brussels. In the following years he worked as a freelanced trainer and consultant for employee representatives from more than 100 corporations in all European countries. Today he supports EWCs of well-known companies as a permanent expert and guides Special Negotiating Bodies (SNBs).