Hellmut Gohde Training+Consulting International


EWC members need to be trained to maximize their role as European employee representatives. EWCs are very different from local works councils, unions or other forms of national representation. Sitting on a EWC also means learning: from others, with others and last but not least about ourselves! Only people who have a precise knowledge of their rights regarding information and consultation will be able to have meaningful discussions with management on a level playing field. It is only in this way that it will be possible to have influence on company decisions at an early stage.

EWC Directive guarantees for training

In the early years the EWC Directive did not contain any right to further training. The revision of the EWC Directive in 2009 guaranteed this right throughout Europe for the first time for Special Negotiating Bodies and European Works Councils. The right to further training was also intoduced in many EWC agreements. Even where there are no clear formal arrangement, company management often displays a collaborative approach: in many European Works Councils the annual meeting is extended with a training day. 

Practical Learning

Along with publicly announced seminars we also design company seminars as targeted qualification for existing European Works Councils. You determine the focus of the event. There are a broad range of possible topics. We ensure qualified speakers and varied methods. Reports and experiences from other companies play an important part in our seminars.  Where are there successful practical examples which are suitable for transfer? Which processes have proved themselves? You will get all the important information from our trainers and speakers. This will stop you having to reinvent the wheel!

Training impressions:

Speak your mind! We train EWC members to raise their voice in meetings with management.

"We came as colleagues and left as friends." EWC working group session in Eelwijt (Belgium)

Learning by doing. EWC role-play in Zagreb (Croatia)

Life is better at the beach! EWC team-building activity in Barcelona